What is BRAWL about?

What is BRAWL? Short answer: It’s a new PS4 horror-themed party game for up to four players. There aren’t a lot of party games on the market right now. We want to fix this — because we believe there’s nothing like spending time with friends and playing games together. We’ve been working very hard to make it as simple and fun as possible. You might call it a throwback to the golden age of arcade games. Hopefully, we’ve managed to capture that classic old-school charm.

The rules of the game are simple. You and up to three other players are dropped into a maze-like level. In order to win, you need to get the most points — which simply means getting the most frags. Each player moves across the screen — trying to outmaneuver the others and blast them to bits with strategically placed bombs. Be careful, though: Your own explosives are just as deadly to you as they are to your opponents — so you’re likely to blow yourself up if you’re not careful.

If the concept seems familiar, that’s probably because it is — but with a MOBA twist and completely new rules! For instance, there are eight characters in BRAWL — and each has its own set of special skills. One of them can instantly switch places with its target, and another uses a Medusa-like gaze to briefly immobilise opponents. Finesse isn’t your strong suit? That’s fine. You can just kick other players onto bombs — or one of the numerous traps placed throughout the arena. Then again, if you think violence isn’t the answer, you can get out of tight spots by turning invisible for a few seconds.

The easiest way to learn which character is best suited to your style is to play through the story mode. Yes, there’s story mode in this party game — and it makes perfect sense. We created eight short single-player campaigns so that you not only get to know each character backstory, but you can familiarise yourself with basic gameplay and unique character skills, as well as learning tactics that will help you face off against live opponents.

BRAWL lets you compete with players from all over the world in two online modes — but first of all, you can invite your friends over for some couch multiplayer. While online gaming is growing stronger each year, there’s been a steady decline of local multiplayer support and we wanted to change that. Why? Because we believe that playing with your friends in the same room is the best way to enjoy games. Also, you can’t have a real party through the internet, can you!?

We don’t want to spoil the surprise, so let’s focus on the online multiplayer modes for now:

Versus/Arena: These are fairly self-explanatory – simply get the most frags by placing bombs and using your special skills.
Duel: This is our 1v1 mode, in which players fight in much smaller arenas. It’s fast paced, but still very technical — so it feels like a fighting game. It’s perfect for tournaments. We tried it during the e-sports event IEM 2015, and gamers loved it!
There are couple of other local-only multiplayer modes. In Colour Domination – You change the colour of the arena using paint-filled bombs. The outcome of each match can change radically in a matter of seconds. Also, it’s the one mode where you can literally paint yourself into a corner. Just dwell on that for a moment :).

Oh, and Challenges! We totally have them as well. One will involve a flock of sheep. Wait — what?! Sorry, I was told not to say anything else and particularly not to mention the part where you grind the poor things into pulp. Oops — I didn’t mean to say it out loud! Oh, well… it’s a horror-themed game after all. Bottom line, you will have plenty to do — even on your own.

Stay tuned for more news, and feel free to post your questions below. We’ll do our best to answer them as soon as we see them!

We’re almost ready to GET THE PARTY STARTED!


BRAWL features

BRAWL is a new take on bomb-based action-arcade party games. The game features dynamic gameplay and mixes it with grotesque horror-themed graphics, disturbing music and creepy voiceovers.

Step into the darkness of The Emporium with 8 unique characters, each with a rich backstory and a surprising plot-twist. Fight your way to the end using different play styles, from pure brutality as a Wrestler to hiding in shadows as an elusive Thief. Embrace the twisted world with marvelous voiceovers recorded by Erik Braa and comic-style graphics that together create a grotesque horror setting.

Play with up to 4 players on Local Mode, with 20+ interactive maps set on 8 different settings. Fight against your opponents and environmental hazards in 5 game modes, featuring Sumo, Color Domination and Classic Brawl. Use powerups to upgrade your bombs and be even more deadly than usual. Prepare yourself for a massive bomb battle on Online Mode, supporting up to 4 players.

Team up with a friend and take a challenge on 2 different Challenge Modes. Protect your herd in Sheep Mode and survive as long as you can in Horde Mode.

Game features over 150 trophies, covering every aspect of the game. Each trophy gives you Brawl Points, which could be spent in Gallery to unlock Concept Arts and Models.


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