The weirdest part of the Kallikak story is that it found a foothold in popular culture. In the 1910s, there was talk of a Broadway play. Then in 1977, CBS premiered a sitcom called The Kallikaks, about a family of backwoods hillbillies feuding with another family named Jukes.

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Cheap Jerseys wholesale nfl jerseys free shipping Gunvalson, who has been on the series since the very beginning, has had a lot of life changing moments aired during her stint; she and her husband of many years, Don, split up while on Housewives. She has also had several “falling outs” with some of her closest friends (at least they appear to be real friends) during the many seasons of the reality series; a few years later, Vicki was forced to face daughter Briana’s marriage, which she adamantly disapproved of. And now, as if all of that weren’t enough, she is having (yet another) showdown with Briana and Brooks (Ayers), her boyfriend since her divorce from Don Cheap Jerseys free shipping.

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